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 ruTorrent plugins

As with all our packages, we try to keep it as simple as possible, so your ruTorrent doesn't come fully loaded by default. However, all official plugins and some 3rd party plugins can be enabled directly from within ruTorrent,  and we...

 Public trackers

What is public torrents/trackers:Upon creation of .torrent files, the creator designates if the torrent is private or not. If a torrent isn't marked private, we define it as a public torrent and it will be subject to the following...

 Can i upgrade my disk space?

Yes, naturally!Login to your client area, click on your service, once you are there you will see the following options:Do note, that from here on out, the upgrade process is 100% automatic, you will get an invoice for the remaining...

 Can i use FXP?

Yes, FXP is enabled on all our servers. You just need to use an FXP enabled ftp client. In addition, the server which you will be connecting to must also have FXP enabled and the connection must be unencrypted.

 Unmetered bandwidth?

Our system is build upon the principal of unlimited bandwidth..If you use 1TB traffic or 100TB traffic you are very welcome to join our services.On a side note, we can confirm that while other providers sell their seedboxes as 10Gbit, we...